A fit body & mind complement a healthy life.
In AM International group of companies, there is a fine balance between family involvement and professional management.
Fiscal prudence and continuous innovation are the driving forces for sustainable growth in any industry.
Clean drinking water & sanitation for the under privileged sections of society is our key CSR focus.
Sustainable business practices are the key to future proof current businesses.
Continue to grow and consolidate core businesses.
Emerging opportunitiesin new areas such as green energy and life sciences-related medical device technologies should not be missed out.
Make better use of funds in building core businesses.
I believe inspiring trust with transparency and tenacity is the keystone to doing business.
Businesses built on societal trust are the key to sustainable and responsible growth.
I believe character is a pre-requisite for effective leadership.
Futuristic and disruptive technology implementation should be a key goal for 
every business. It ensures 
an efficient, intelligent, data-driven yet 
secure environment
Being authentic
is the key to gaining trust