At AM Foundation, our objective is to bridge the gap in the healthcare ecosystem by bringing quality healthcare closer to the most vulnerable communities.

AM Foundation

The AM Foundation's CSR initiatives are focused on providing clean drinking water, preventing water contamination and solving the sanitation crisis.

Access to quality and affordable healthcare is one of the most critical challenges facing the world in general and India in particular. We believe primary healthcare services are a vital cog in public empowerment. By partnering with state agencies in the running and administration of primary healthcare centres, our aim is to provide communities in the most remote areas with comprehensive care – from prevention to treatment.

Currently, our CSR efforts are focused towards enhancing the quality of lives for marginalised communities in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.


"Deliver comprehensive primary health care to our communities using best practices and aligned to local needs."


"Establish centres to provide primary health care including immunisation, nutrition, sanitation and health education."